My business is a reflection and extension of my inherently social and inquisitive nature. The networking I have done around the globe has an obvious commercial value and has seasoned and spiced my life with a diverse collection of long and strong friendships. Both my personal and professional lives contribute to my hunger for perspectives on life from all over the world. From current events, to family, and cultural riches, getting to know people around the world and becoming familiar with their perspectives on all kinds of topics, contributes enormously to both the intellect and the spirit — with my only rule to remain as open as possible to all perspectives. Few joys are greater to me than sitting around a table to share a meal and conversation with friends and colleagues from all corners of the earth.

In my spare time, (such as it is) I am raising three boys (13, 14 and 16) with my beautiful and talented wife Kim.

What languages do you speak?: “survival” Spanish and a smattering of English dialects from American English to Australian English to English English, without the accent, but using the idiom that best suits the situation.

Where is Boise, Idaho?: Boise, Idaho is at the base of the western edge of the Rocky Mountains, about 375 miles south of the Canadian border.

Why do you live there?: Quality of Life — metro area of 200,000 people, greater valley 900,000 people. Growth centered around high tech (Hewlett Packard’s Printer Division, and MICRON Technologies, the 3rd largest memory chip manufacturer in the world) has created an influx of people abandoning life in the big cities for a place where we have four seasons, loads of sunshine, and immediate access to untouched land for hiking, biking, mountain biking, rock climbing, river running, skiing, camping, backpacking, etc. Come visit and see! As the publication The Economist sees it: The Economist: In Praise Of Boise

Resume in Adobe PDF format

Extensive skills in identifying and managing opportunities in the global marketplace.

Unique and valuable knowledge establishing new overseas business.

Experience operating and communicating effectively across multi-cultural boundaries. Valuable personal database of individuals worldwide.

Deep knowledge of individual overseas markets.


By utilizing a unique set of abilities, knowledge and a personal database of executives and individuals in locations around the world, I assist companies in planning and delivering international targets and goals. From research to business planning, my expertise in global media and broadcast markets accelerates international growth and strategic objectives.

  • Owner/Operator of René Global Associates since 2000, providing global business development, research, strategic planning and networking in broadcasting, radio media production and wireless communication.

  • Re-launched Premiere Radio Networks International, a division of Clear Channel Communications.

  • VP/General Manager of start-up SE Asian division of a radio production, programming & syndication network. (J-V of Australia’s leading commercial radio group, Austereo Ltd.) Brought division to profit in 15 months.

  • Drove the international development of Westwood One Inc., the largest network radio company in the USA, from 1988 to 1996.
  • Broadcast market research and development in deregulating markets in Western and Eastern Europe, and East and South East Asia from 1988 to 2001.

  • Extensive contract negotiations for international broadcast licensing in territories including: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan; Germany, Hungary, (former) USSR, the UK, Ireland; Panama, Argentina, Venezuela.

  • Consulting media and broadcast clients by introducing business models and applications in developing broadcast markets of Western Europe (late 1980s and early 1990s), Latin America (late 80s) and Asia (90s).

  • Establishment and management of international representation

  • Executive production/creative oversight for original broadcast programming and media packaging.

  • Establishment of international co-production/distribution agreements.

  • Media and Programming Sales.

  • Successful long-term projects with agencies including: Bates/Zenith, O&M/MindShare, McCann-Erickson, J. Walter Thompson.

  • Successful long-term project relationships with clients including: Coca-Cola, BAT, Levi Strauss, Lintas, Carlsberg, Guinness, Philips, Salem.

Dial Global Radio Networks (re-named Westwood One Sept 2013)
New York, New York, 2010-2012

General Manager; International Relations of entity that had acquired: network radio company JonesMediaAmerica, the 24/7 satellite delivered formats of Westwood One, jingle and audio production company TM Century and ultimately Westwood One Radio Networks. Oversaw efforts to develop international expansion and growth for all divisions.

austereo mcm entertainment australasia pty ltd.
Melbourne, Australia 1996 – 1998

International General Manager/Vice President of a South East Asian regional start-up division of a broadcast production, programming and syndicated network business. (Joint-Venture of Australia’s then leading commercial radio group, Austereo Ltd. (now "Southern Cross Austereo" the radio station ownership subsidiary of Village Roadshow LTD.) Brought division to profit in 18 months.

Westwood One International
Los Angeles, California 1988 – 1996

Director, International Development for the then largest network radio company in America whose assets include: The NBC Radio Network, CBS Radio Networks, Mutual Broadcasting System, and The Westwood One Radio Networks. Spearheaded development in newly deregulated markets. (Eastern Europe, Asia, etc.)

Sunshine 101 FM
Dublin, Ireland 1987

Consultant/DJ for private/commercial/land-based “pirate” FM radio station reaching over 50 percent of the greater Dublin listening market. Compiled analysis on the origins of commercial radio industries in UK, Australia, Canada, and US as part of a tender application for “legal” frequency allocations.

London, UK 1985 and 1987

Production Assistant for London-based global radio program producer and global syndicator.

Radio International
New York, New York 1984 – 1985

Affiliate Marketing Manager for U.S. based syndication and distribution company for various radio programming formats.


B.S. (Radio, Television, Film Management), S.I. Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University (1986)

Overseas semester in London, England, including weekly series of private seminars with BBC and IBA (1985)